Authors Responsibilities

● Authors should present their works in accordance with the journal's standards and title.

● Authors should ensure that they have written their original works/research. Their works/researches should also provide accurate data, underlying other's references.

● Authors are responsible for their works' accuracy.

Note 1: Publishing an article is not known as acceptance of its contents by journal.

● Duplicate submission is not accepted. In other words, none of the article's parts should not carry on reviewing or publishing elsewhere.

● Overlapping publication, where the author uses his/her previous findings or published date with changes, is rejected.

● Authors are asked to have authors' permission for an accurate citation. When using one's direct speech, a quotation mark (" ") is necessary.

● Corresponding authors should ensure that the complete information of all involved authors in the article.

Note 2: Do not write the statement of "Gift Authorship" and do not omit the statement of "Ghost Authorship".

● Corresponding author is responsible for the priorities of co-authors after their approval.

● Paper submission means that all of the authors have satisfied whole financial and local supports and have introduced them.

● Author(s) is/are responsible for any fault or inaccuracy of the article and in this case, the journal's authorities should be informed immediately.

● Author(s) is/are asked to provide and reserve raw data one year after publication, in order to respond to the journal audiences' questions.